Server rules

To have a fair and great experience in this server, we ask you all to follow the follwing rules:

  • By no means we'll tolerate any discrimation or insult towards any other player
  • No racism, sexism or judging other people overall, try and be nice to everyone
  • No more than 3 accounts can be played at once
  • Scamming shall be investigated and punished
  • Any form of bug abuse shall be investigated and punished
  • No asking for items or special treatment from the staff team, everyone is equal in the game
  • No advertisement from other servers, in-game or discord
  • No spam in the game chat or in the discord
  • Selling Account Data, Items, Gold for real money or bitcoins will result into a lifetime ban for the buyer and seller!
  • Ingame Global Chat: English only, No Racism, no Insulting! Braking this rule will result into a global chat ban (time depends on the situation)

In resume, be polite and kind to others, report any bug or malicious players, and the most important part: have fun and enjoy your stay here :)

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 201 / 1000
  • Discord


  • Servertime: 16:58:36