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Hello everyone, you may remember me from my last project: JSRO.Net.
Many people knew the reason why I "kept over" the whole project: Real Life & Time.
Well, these things did not change. I still got a real life and I'am still working in a full time job, but since I love working with silkroad and doing projects, I decided to try again.
But also I want to "warn" you with the following points:

* I can not guarantee a 24/7 uptime of this server
* I can not guarantee a bugfree gameplay
* I will not sell you ingame stuff, gold, silk in ANY WAY so don't pm me with that
* I'am limited in my coding/web skills, so I cannot guarantee features you may wish!
* I CANNOT answer all your requests on "Discord", so don't spam me or "complain" just because I miss your message or answer too late

If you are fine with these points, you can continue reading 

Well the aim of sro6 is to provide simplicity, a classic gameplay, and the original feeling of "Silkroad".
In addition the gameplay should be fair for everyone. That means NO "Donation--->Silk", everyone has the same chance to gain Silk without donating me anything, that DOESN'T mean you can not donate for this project!
I'am always happy if someone want to support my project, but no one should be forced to. Enough text, let's get over to the important stuff:

Useful Links:
Official site: News and Updates >> sro6.Net
Download (MEGA):
Download (GDrive):
Official discord:
Official Facebook:

Server Rates:
Exp Rates:1x
Party Exp Rates: 1x
Item Drop Rate: 1x
Gold Drop Rate: 1x
Quest Rate: 1x

Starter Items:
* Beginner Return Scroll
* 50 HP Beginner Potions
* 50 MP Beginner Potions
* 50% Speed Mall Scrolls
* 3 Day Monkey

Server Features:
Cap: 80
Degree Cap: 8D
Skill Cap: 80
Mastery Cap: 300
Race: Chinese
Regions: Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Donwhang Cave, Taklamakan
Fortress War: Enabled Every Saturday 20:00 ~ 22:00 Standard Server Time
Fortress War Register: Enabled from Sunday to Friday, anytime (First TWO weeks FW will be disabled to allow people to group first)
Fortress Area: Jangan
Battle Arena: Disabled
Guild Limit: 30
Union Limit: 2
Party Monsters: Disabled
Forgotten World: Disabled
Capture The Flag: Enabled (all 2 hours)
Advanced Elixir: Disabled
Honor System: Disabled
Snow Shield: Enabled
Euro Debuffs: Disabled
IP Limit: 3
Custom Weather System: A global random generated weather system
RealTime System: Day and Night circle from server

The Team
* InZiDeR -> Server Owner / Developer
* Aitor -> Server Supporter / Ingame Helper
To have a fair and great experience in this server, we ask you all to follow the follwing rules:

*By no means we'll tolerate any discrimation or insult towards any other player
*No racism, sexism or judging other people overall, try and be nice to everyone
*No more than 3 accounts can be played at once
*Scamming shall be investigated and punished
*Any form of bug abuse shall be investigated and punished
*No asking for items or special treatment from the staff team, everyone is equal in the game
*No advertisement from other servers, in-game or discord
*No spam in the game chat or in the discord
*In resume, be polite and kind to others, report any bug or malicious players, and the most important part: have fun and enjoy your stay here 
*Botting, just to be clear, is allowed!

How to gain Silk?:
* Jewel Box Event -> Silk Scrolls -> 1-100 Silk can be gained out of one scroll
* Quest Reward System -> Silk can be gained if you complete a certain amount of quests!
* EPIN -> In some events, I will publish epins, wich you can exchange for silk (RNG)
* -> ALL Silk transactions happen in Real Time, no Teleport needed!

Quest Reward System?:
* You will be rewarded by silk for doing quests!
* Every 5 quests, you've done, will get you more silk.
* Repeatable quests does only count as ONE finished quest.

Christmas Event:
* In time from 16.11.2019 ~ 01.01.2020 you are able to find Jewel Boxes with useful items and "silk scrolls" and "sp scrolls" in it.
* Christmas music in all towns!
* Christmas "Trees" placed in all town!
* Snowy weather all over the world of sro6!

Ingame Commands:

You are able to use commands ingame to gain information or use a "feature".

*!rates -> Show the server rates
*!features -> Show the server features
*!time -> Show the server time
*!uptime -> Show the uptime of our filter
*!epin [number] -> redeem epin for silk
*!quest -> check your amount of finished quests

Opening date
Server will open on Saturday, 16th of November, at 12AM UTC+1
The SRO6 team is looking forward to meeting you all, and hope you enjoy to the fullest the old school experience!
Everyone is welcome to join, so at last, but the most important: HAVE FUN! 

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 200 / 1000
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  • Servertime: 16:50:13